Newel Fastening System (3008)

H3008 – Sure-Tite Newel Fastening System
Contains: 11″ Newel Lag Bolt, 3/4″ Nut, Curved Washer, 2 x 1-1/2″ Wood Plugs (Oak & Maple)
If installing box newels, you’ll need to combine the 3008 Newel Fastening system with the appropriately sized Newel Mounting Block for Box Newel (HM-BLOCK-8).

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Newel Fastening System has become the most widely used newel post fastener among stair professionals.
A newel post can be installed securely in as little as ten minutes it will not loosen over time and it can be installed directly over any finished floor.

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Weight2.00 lbs
Dimensions0.75" x " x "

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