7033 Handrail Terminating Wall Rosettes (Round, Square, Rectangle, Oval, Large Oval)


H7017: 7017 Round Rosette (3/4″ x 4″) (stocked in all wood types)
H7032: 7032 Square Rosette (4-5/16″W x 4-5/16″H) (stocked in all wood types)
H7033:7033 Rectangle Rosette (4-5/16″W x 6″H) (stocked in all wood types)
H7037:7037 Oval Rosette (3/4″ x 4″W x 5-1/2″H) (stocked in all wood types)
H7037-L: 7037-L Large Oval Rosette (4-1/2″W x 6-1/2″H) (stocked in Red Oak and Poplar. All other wood types take up to 4 weeks for production)

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7033 4-5/16" x 6" Rectangular Rosette.
Rectangular Rosette is best used for level rail terminations at drywall; or a build out for wall brackets where circumstances allow.
This item also serves for terminating a handrail into a rake/pitch run; or it can be used for a level guardrail termination at the drywall.
The rectangular rosette pairs well with box newel posts, contemporary handrails, S4S newel and balusters installations, and the contemporary stair balustrade system.

DIMENSIONS: 3/4" x 4-5/16" x 6"

Additional information

Weight1.0009 lbs
Dimensions" x " x "
Shape & Size

7017: Round 4" Diameter, 7037: Oval 4"W x 5-1/2"H, 7032: Square 4-5/16"W x 4-5/16"H, 7033: Rectangle 4-5/16"W x 6"H

Wood Trim Type

Poplar, Red Oak, Soft Maple, American Cherry, Beech, Hard Maple, Hickory, Knotty Alder, Sapele Mahogany, Walnut, White Oak

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